Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving day is coming...

That it is.

This Wednesday (also known as tomorrow) I will be moving into the place I will call home this school year - my dorm room. I've been packing for the past couple of days, finally went shopping today, and have been all-around neurotic. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it, but I have to push forward.

It hasn't helped that my back and fingers have been acting up, making packing and getting everything done rather difficult. I've been downright exhausted. I have to say goodbye to my beloved doxie, Oscar, and my cats. The whole idea of going away for school, the money it's going to cost, the effect it's going to have on everything, just drives me crazy.

It definitely doesn't help that I now have to transfer all of my healthcare to a new city. I have to find new doctors, explain my condition a million times, answer the same questions and hope that they listen to me. I have to register with Disability Services, which I'm doing on move-in day, so they know what's up and I can get help from them. This whole thing is a gigantic pain in the arse...but I'll live.

I know that the first few weeks are going to be a mess, but hopefully it will mellow out after that.

Who knows, maybe, under all the stress and panic, I'm just a little excited.

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