Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

I have officially survived 23 years.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Thankful Thanksgiving, Family Friends Lose Everything In Thanksgiving Eve House Fire

On the eve of Thanksgiving, some family friends were at home when a smoke alarm went off. They managed to call 911 and get out, however their dogs were trapped inside. The house burnt to the ground.

Video of the fire.

Photos of the fire.

This morning, they were sifting through the rubble when they found both dogs, alive, in the basement! However, everything else in the house was lost. The family has three kids, all still in school. Here's a link on how you can help, including a number you can call if you'd like to make a monetary donation:

Help the Haslett-Marroquin family.

Pass their story along to as many people as you can!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Help Me Win Some Toys For My Pups!

I entered Mika in a contest to win $200 in toys and gift cards, because we could really use it. If you feel like helping, here's how:

1. Follow the link:
2. Allow the app
3. Repost the following on your blog & facebook:

Help Mika win a stash of bones in the Dogster/ contest! All you have to do is follow the link, allow the app, and vote on Mika's picture, titled "Pizzletastic!", then pass this note on to your Blog & Facebook friends if you'd like! Thanks so much! ta=1926


We'd really appreciate the help, she's currently in 11th place!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The House of Broken Bones + Update

That's what it's been around here recently, and it has me fearing for my bones!

On Tuesday my little brother and some of his friends built a catapult at school and were launching gourds. My little brother happened to be looking at the launcher when someone jumped on it, launching a gourd into his face. After some discussion, my mom and sister stayed home while my dad and I went to the ER with my brother. After pushing for an xray, it showed my brother's nose was broken. He's probably going to have an appointment with the ENT soon.

Meanwhile, my mom has had back problems for years. She finally made an appointment with a spine specialist and had her appointment today. Turns out she's had a broken back for years. She'll need surgery soon. So obviously I'm a little worried about who's next!

As for me, I took a pole dancing class yesterday and I have pole burn, bruises, and so many pulled muscles today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Poll For EDS, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, And Fibromyalgia Sufferers! Please Pass It Along, The More Opinions, The Better!

I am thinking about starting a second blog to review and suggest helpful products for EDS/Arthritis/Fibro/Chronic Pain, but before I take the plunge, I'd like your opinions. If you could please take the survey below, and then pass it on to anyone you know who suffers from chronic pain and ask if they could take it, that would be awesome! It's only a few questions and should take only a few seconds to complete.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Thanks so much, and I hope to give back!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scary Morning Weather!

This morning I let my dogs back in, it had been overcast since yesterday. Less than 10 minutes later, it became extremely dark outside. Seconds later it began pouring like I haven't seen in years, literally like a giant tank overturned above our house. Then, the sound. I looked outside to see this:

I cringed as I thought would've happened if my dogs would've been outside, a mini Dachshund and a Chihuahua vs. dime to quarter sized hail. Luck was on their side today.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to the family, Mika!

After three years of nagging, I was finally allowed to get another dog. Oscar is frequently bored and lonely, and could definitely use a companion, and my siblings wanted another dog, too.

After being rejected by one rescue over false info they refused to clarify, we finally found a good fit with a dog from Midwest Animal Rescue and Services!

So here she is!

Name: Mika
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 11 months (we're putting her birthday at October 31st, 2010)
Weight: 9 pounds!
Color: Fawn with a couple dark patches on her tail and bum, and white toe socks

She is amazingly cute, you can learn more about her here:
#1 dog site for dogs & bipeds!

Also, I don't really have the cash to get her any cute outfits, and she's going to need them, as it's starting to get cold around here. So if you have any doggie outfits in size Medium, or other accessories that you no longer want/need, send me an email at, because they'd be of great use to us!

I leave you with a video of Mika playing with a toad

STOLEN! Update

So, we gave up on the recovery of my original games. They are long gone. However, my parents have been kind enough to replace the games I lost. Now I just have to get the items and Pokemon I lost back. I will post the list again, and if you're willing to trade or can help in any way, please contact

Thanks for the help and support!

Shiny Suicune (from B/W gamestop event)
Shiny Raikou (from B/W gamestop event)
Shiny Entei (from B/W gamestop event)
Spiky Pichu
Pikachu Colored Pichu

Oak's Letter
Liberty Pass
Member Card
Secret Key
Enigma Stone

Monday, September 12, 2011


First off, to those of you sent here via Twitter, either from Neil Gaiman's feed or someone else's, welcome!

Now, I've gotten some questions about my previous post, and I will answer the most common ones here.

Q: Why didn't you file a police report?

A: First off, I didn't discover that my games had been stolen until several weeks later, as I had decided I was going to take a break from playing my DS for a while. Second, we are under Sheriff's department jurisdiction, and they're not so nice about small thefts like this, unfortunately.

Q: Why not just use an emulator?
A: Because I like having physical copies of the game. My DS is portable, easier to use, and made for these games. I don't want to have to use a computer to play it.

Q: Why not just buy new copies of the games and use Action Replay to get your stuff back?
A: I don't really have the cash to buy $150+ worth of games again, and using Action Replay is not only cheating, it can also damage the games, as it is not a liscenced Nintendo product. I got the games originally for the challenge and fun of working towards the goals in them, I'm not going to cheat just to catch up.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

STOLEN! A Disturbing Trend Hits The Disabled Community.

It started with a story.

Specifically, this story about a disabled McDonalds employee who was duped, and had $5000 worth of his Superman collection stolen. In a follow-up piece today, it was reported that comic fans all over the world were outraged, and had taken it upon themselves to collect rare pieces and autographs to give to Mike Meyer to boost his collection once more, what a sweet thing!

But it also reminded me of a theft that happened to myself at the beginning of the summer.

Now, i'm sure many of you have heard of Pokemon, an extremely popular game from Japan. They have cards, video games, cartoons, and collectables. From the time they came to the US, I have loved the Pokemon games from Nintendo. Your goal is to collect and train Pokemon, eventually hoping to collect them all. I have been playing my games for years, working hard to catch and trade pokemon, and attending events to get pokemon you can't find in the game. I play these games as relaxation when i'm having bad pain days, I've played them in the hospital and in bed after surgeries. I have put about 4-5 years and hundreds of hours of effort into these games.

This summer, they were all stolen from me.

The probable culprit? A well regarded nanny my parents had hired to watch my siblings. Though she came with great references, because I was home during the day, I could see how she treated my siblings. She called them brats, told them to shut up. She ate all of our food and then complained there was nothing to feed the kids, when we had two fridges and four freezers that were full. She gave my mom a list of food she wanted her to get for lunches, nothing but chicken nuggets, pizza, and juice boxes. She would take my siblings to the river and then sit on the other side of the path, reading a book, not even able to see the children. After telling my mom this, and she discovering things around the house that had been destroyed, the nanny was fired after less than a month.

Unfortunately, the theft of my games was not discovered for another few weeks. Why? Because after she'd stolen my games, some of which were gifts while I was in the hospital, by the way, she put my game case back in the exact position it had been it. As I had decided to take a break from my DS for a while, I didn't immediately notice.

So what all did she take?
6 games; Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon SoulSilver, Pokemon Black, Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
4-5 years of work
Hundreds of hours of my time
Event-only pokemon, that you can no longer get, including:
Shiny Suicune
Shiny Raikou
Shiny Entei
Spiky Pichu
Pikachu Colored Pichu

And the rare items Oak's Letter, Liberty Pass, Member Card, Secret Key, and made me miss out on the Enigma Stone.

I went to the local GameStop to see if she'd sold them, but the told me they couldn't let me see the games without a police report, store policy. I would later learn this was a lie.

I was and still am devastated by this. As someone who has trouble doing many things, these were what I was good at. Several of those games were gifts, some I'd purchased myself, but they all had meaning, and I will probably never see them again. It hurts to already have a disability, and then have someone take advantage of you because of it.

Unfortunately, there are people willing to take advantage of the less fortunate among us all the time, so beware!

EDITED TO ADD: If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Chair

Today the wheelchair guy came to my house to talk chairs, options, and so on. I decided a TiLite is going to be best for me, and after going over my conditions, so did wheelchair guy. We talked conditions, what I'd need to get my pre-auth, and chair options. He took measurements of me and our doorways.

Honestly, the thought of being in a wheelchair freaks me out, but I sort have come to terms with it.
We'll see.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting A Wheelchair

Apparently I have hit that bump in the road known as, "Time to get a wheelchair".
I have no idea what i'm in for, so if you have any advice/suggestions/recommendations, let me know.

It scares the fudge outta me :/

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eff Being The Sick Girl

That was my motto today.
I managed to get out of bed and actually do something productive.
Made two calls; one to sort out paying back grant money to school, the second to set up the lovely urology procedure I need because of an evil nurse who apparently hated her job. I could've had it fixed in-office, but I prefer anything that might raise the pain level to be done under sedation/anesthesia. And finally, to top things off, I biked for 3.6 miles.
Take that, EDS!

...and then I slipped and hurt myself trying to get into my (brother's) lofted bed. I should really ask my mom again why the able bodied kid gets to sleep closer to the floor. Then again, when you're 22 and living at home, it's not a choice they give you (I don't even have my own room, haven't since I was about 15-16. Meh.)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Perfect Girls Night Out (or How We Were Pampered By A Band's Manager, Heard Good Music, And Met One Of The Guys From Twilight)

2 1/2 weeks.

That's how long after Becca's transplant the concert was. I really wanted her to come with me to it, so I devised a scheme to get her there. I told her we'd stay in a hotel (reduce the strain/exhaustion), and sit side stage at the show (since she was still supposed to stay away from crowds), maybe meet the band after. I didn't have any of that put in place when I'd said it. She said if it could be set up that way, she'd love to go.

About a week before the show, and just a few days after she'd been discharged from the hospital, she began having seizures and was readmitted. By that point, I'd emailed the band's manager and gotten us the hotel room. I was disappointed, but more worried about Becca. I began making alternate plans to go with my mom. Then, just a couple days before the show, Becca's doctors gave her the okay to go, as long as I was with her at all times. She was discharged from the hospital.

The day came. I met Becca and her mom at the Mall of America. Becca's mom dropped her off, and we decided to do some shopping before going to our hotel. We bought some clothes, accessories, got hand treatments at Lush, and had sushi for lunch. We finally headed to our hotel, my lovely GPS lead us to the wrong street, and we ended up lost for a bit. When we finally got there (we stayed at the Westin Minneapolis), we were floored by how swanky the place was (we'd gotten a deal on the room through the band's tour discount).

We decided a nap was in order before the show, so we indulged in cozying up in the amazing bedding. When it was time, we got up, spiffed ourselves up, and got a cab to the Triple Rock for the 100 Monkeys/The Kissing Club show. The show was AMAZING and the Monkeys' manager, Lani, was super accommodating to us. She got us a spot side stage, with a chair for Becca to sit on. After the show there was a signing, where we got to meet the band, and after everyone else went through, we got a picture with them. This is that picture:

Us and the band. Oh, and that guy to my right, the one with his arm around me? That's Jackson Rathbone, or as most people know him, the guy who played Jasper Hale (blond vampire that didn't talk much) in the Twilight Saga. Yeah, I know. :)

So after all of that excitement, we took a cab back to our hotel and headed straight to bed. It was a wonderful experience, our first REAL outing, just 2 1/2 weeks after her transplant. It was great.

More posts on the horizon, I just need time to recover from some serious busyness lately!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Outdoors Love to Find New and Inventive Ways to Hurt Me.

Today I decided i'd had enough of laying in bed doing nothing, so I got up and prepped to go outside. I changed into more appropriate clothing and slathered on the sunscreen, then headed out the door with my net and bucket.

You see, even at 22, I still love to play in the muck. Two days ago I took my little brother tadpole hunting, and we'd started a little mini pond in a kiddie pool in our backyard. Today I wanted to go by myself so I would get to do it my way. We have at least four ponds and a river down the path by our house, so I headed out. I left my shoes home, as I didn't want to get them wet. This is where I screwed up. You see, it was 73 and sunny today, and the blacktop was extremely hot. I walked down to the river, caught soom minnows, then stopped at a couple of spots by the closest pond to catch tadpoles before heading home. I'd noticed my feet kind of hurt on my way TO the river, and by the time I was headed back home, I knew how big of a mistake i'd made.

I am now the proud owner of 2nd degree burns on both feet. I have 3 blisters that are larger than a half-dollar, and 5 more that are dime sized or less. I can't really walk and I'm attempting to use blister bandaids to cushion them. Did I mention that Becca and I will be attending a concert on July 1st? I hope these heal fast!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life Is Looking Up :)

It really is.

Oscar is almost 100% back to normal, acting like a total spaz.

I visited Becca on Thursday, she looks amazing, but don't take my word for it, here's a picture!

Oh, and I went from being unemployed to having 2 jobs, woo!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miracles do happen. Organ donors are true angels.

The liver was a match.

Becca went in to surgery around 7pm CDT, and should be out of surgery and transferred to the ICU within the next hour or so.

She still needs all the prayers and healing thoughts she can get, as she's not out of the woods yet, but we're all extremely hopeful!

UPDATE 8:33am CDT 06/15/11: She is awake and feeling good this morning! :)

The Call.

Just got a text from Becca.
She got "the call".
Mayo Clinic may have found her a matching liver.
I am beyond excited, and so hopeful that it is truly a match.
Please send thoughts, prayers, and all the positive vibes you can her way, she'll be needing them.

Dealing with my SECOND animal crisis this year, or, how owning a Dachshund is EXPENSIVE.

I swear, I'm cursed as far as animals go.

Last Thursday, I took my mini doxie, Oscar, to the vet. I'd found green discarge on his penis, he yelped when touched near his back end, and I worried he had a sheath infection. So off to the vet, who examines him, tries to get a urine sample (no dice) and then informs me that he's got some weakness in his back end. Okay, that was not what I was expecting. She put him on metacam and told me to call back on Monday to talk about how he's doing. Okay.

Cue Friday night. I go out to bring Oscar in (he loves the outdoors, and so he plays in the back yard during the day) and can't find him. I eventually do, hiding in the garage. I try to get him out of his hiding spot, and he starts screaming and biting me. I lost it and started sobbing, partially out of shock, pain, and knowing something is horribly wrong. I bring him inside and set him down. He attempts to go lay down, but his back legs are not cooperating. My mind reels, and I know that this is the start of a bad thing.

I calm myself enough to call the vet's office. It's 7:30pm on a Friday night, but the vet has his personal cell phone number left on the voicemail for emergencies. I call and explain what happened. He reassures me that Oscar will be fine until Monday, continue with his meds, and then tells me to take care of my wounds (Oscar broke the skin in several places when he bit me) fine.

Today comes, and I call the vet's office. I tell them Oscar has deteriorated significantly since Thursday. I ask for the soonest appointment, and it's set for 1pm. The time comes, and I load Oscar into the car, still in his bed. We get there and Dr. Rich examines him. I know what's coming, every Dachshund owner's worst nightmare, the prospect of Intervertebral Disc Disease. I voice my fears to Dr. Rich, and he agrees xrays are in order to see where the problem is.

On a bit of a side note, Dr. Rich knows I want to be a vet, and that I'm currently trying for my Animal Science degree. Because of this, he always keeps me 100% in the loop, and consults with me on care and such. He treats me like not only a customer and pet parent, but also a colleague. I see all test results, and we discuss them together. So when Oscar's xrays came back, we took a look, and though being closer to the brightness of the backlight and having a harder time seeing it originally, the problem was plain as day from my vantage point. A narrowing of the space between the L1 and L2 vertebrae. Classic IVDD.

My world collapsed a little. I knew what this meant. Oscar would need aggressive treatment if he was to regain the function he'd lost. Surgery is the best option, but unfortunately, I don't have $3000 to do that. That left only one option, steroids. We discussed outcomes and quality of life, agreeing that if he was in pain constantly, euthanasia would be the best option, but obviously we'd try what we could first. Dr. Rich said at one point that he'd like to try doing a lamenectomy sometime at their clinic. Obviously he's not a specialist, but he'd assisted on a few in vet school.

So it was that Oscar is now on steroids, in hopes he'll rally and all we'll have to do is modify what he can and cannot do, and he'll live a long, happy doxie life. Second best outcome is he'll only need a cart, and will live paralyzed but pain free. Worst outcome is he'll get worse and be in immense pain, at which point the decision will be to put him to sleep so he doesn't suffer. My mom and I talked about it, and if it comes to that point, we will offer Oscar to Dr. Rich to attempt a lamenectomy on, depending on how much it would cost. Obviously he's no expert, and hasn't ever done one himself, hasn't assisted on one in years, but if there's no other option, we'd at least give him a chance.

For now Oscar is confined to the laundry room, carried outside to go potty, and his activity is kept to a minimum. He's on prednisolone and tramadol, so every eight hours I shove a tramadol down his throat, and twice a day I do the same with the steroids. It's a pain in the ass, but I love him and would therefore do anything for him. All people entering the house are told to, under no circumstances, touch or otherwise engage the dog. Thankfully my mom and step-dad have been helping with potty breaks so that I get a break. All in all, I'm terrified, I can't lose my best buddy, I've already lost one animal that meant a ton to me this year, I don't want to lose another.

And that's been my life recently.
Prayers and healing thoughts would be much appreciated.
I hope things are going better for the rest of you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Update, and A Call For Prayers

First, let's talk about me. It's been almost two weeks since I posted about the Cymbalta incident, and I am still feeling the effects of that. Thankfully they are almost non-existent, but every once in a while, I notice.

I went through a very rough period after the Cymbalta incident. It seemed as if all of my medications had stopped working, and the pain was impossible to ignore, and I was not able to cope. I saw my PCP about it, and he went through his ideas for treatment with me. Most of them were medications I had previously tried that had no effect. Then he suggested raising my prednisone dose, which I told him the Mayo Rheumatologist did NOT want happening, so that was out. Finally he suggested that maybe my issues were from lack of sleep, as I hadn't slept well in months. He prescribed Valium to try and help me sleep (I can't do most actual sleep meds) and hoped that would help, otherwise we'd be back at square one.

The first couple of nights didn't work, I was taking the Valium, plus Unisom and Melatonin to try to get sleep. No dice. The third night I discont'd the Melatonin, and switched from Unisom SleepGels (diphenhydramine) to Unisom SleepTabs (doxylamine). That night I slept like a rock, had multiple dreams, and woke up the next day in complete awe of what a good night sleep could do. I hadn't felt that good in YEARS. I had energy, felt like doing things, and though I had some minor aches, they weren't even bad enough to warrant an ibuprofen. I have been feeling pretty good since, and I really hope it continues.

Now for the prayer request.
I've written about my friend Becca a few times, I met her last summer in pain rehab at the Mayo Clinic. She was diagnosed at 4 with Primary Sclerosing Colangitis. She's had two liver transplants, but is currently in need of a third. I went to visit her at the beginning of April. The first day and a half of my visit she was doing okay, and we enjoyed a wonderful warm day out. On my third day, her nausea was so overwhelming that I took her to the hospital. She was admitted, and has basically been in ever since. She was released for a day or so, only to transfer from one hospital to another that has a liver transplant clinic. She is not doing very well. Her nausea is such that she can barely eat, and they are considering putting in a feeding tube. Her quality of life right now is not so great, and I worry about her quite a bit. She is only 23 years old, and one of the most genuinely kind, caring people I have ever met. Even as sick as she is, she makes origami for other patients, and talks with them. So if you could spare a prayer, a thought, or even just some healing vibes and send them her way, that would be great.

Hope you are all well.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Missing Meds: The effects doctors don't warn you about.

According to Wikipedia, "Duloxetine (sold under the brand names CymbaltaAriclaimXeristarYentreveis a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor manufactured and marketed by Eli Lilly. It is effective for major depressive disorder and has been shown to be as effective as venlafaxine for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Duloxetine alleviates pain associated with diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia."

True. Doctors have been pushing Cymbalta on people since it came on the market. I personally ended up on Cymbalta after the councilor I was seeing for some various family and depression issues, suggested I speak with my psychiatrist about changing medications, as he believed my Sertraline (brand name Zoloft) had become ineffective.

So I saw my psychiatrist. She agreed a med switch may make things a little easier, and suggested I go on Cymbalta. I agreed, as I had no reason to doubt her judgement. At that time she also told me she'd like to see me back in three months, but she would be switching clinics. I agreed to follow her to the new clinic.

Fast forward to Friday, April 29th. I was on my last pill of a 3 month supply. I had forgotten to make the appointment with my psychiatrist, and there were no refills on my medication. Drat. Since I'd never previously had any problem skipping a few days of meds, I decided to wait until Monday to call. Friday was also the day I went to the horse expo with my roommate, we walked three miles, and I horribly overdid things. That night I started feeling sick.

By Saturday, my sleep patterns were a bit messed up, and I was having some light dizziness and nausea. I attributed all of that to my time spent at expo. Sunday the dizziness and nausea were worse, and I could not sleep for the life of me. Every muscle felt tense and my brain felt hyperaware of the dizziness. By Monday night, I'd had enough. At 10:30pm my roommate and I took off for the emergency room. At this time I was still attributing things to my overdoing it at expo. They gave me zofran for the nausea, it did nothing. Tramadol for the pain, more nothing. They finally gave me a shot of domperidone, and that took care of the nausea. At this point, I was exhausted, but also felt like every nerve and muscle in my body was on full alert and wide awake. By the time we got home at 2am, I still couldn't sleep.

Tuesday I woke up and felt fine for the first 30 minutes of being awake, and then it all hit me at once. Dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, brain fog, hyperaware nerves, insomnia, tremors, confusion, "zaps", profuse sweating, feeling flushed, vertigo, irritability, aggression, anxiety, headache, lethargy, nightmares, extreme muscle tension. You name the symptom. I had it. I felt like I was dying. It was while looking through my pill bottles for something, ANYTHING that might work, that I came across my empty Cymbalta bottle. It was then that I put two and two together. I googled Cymbalta withdrawal. The things I read were horrific, and yet so familiar. I was never warned about any of it.

My problems did not stop there, however. I could not get my medication refilled until Wednesday, since they would have to call in to the clinic I went to. Wednesday my symptoms had increased yet again, and I was in a constant haze. My mom called me at 7:30pm saying they had my meds, and I drove the forty-five minutes home to get them. I took one at 8pm. I returned to my apartment by 9:30 and decided to have dinner. BAD IDEA. The nausea, which had been just barely tolerable, became impossible to ignore. By 11:30pm I felt so awful that I called my mother in tears, pleading for her to make it stop. After that call, I went back to my bed, across from my soundly sleeping roommate, and spent the next hour trying not to vomit.

Thankfully, at 12:30am, the medication seemed to have entered my system, and the nausea backed off enough for me to fall into a fitful sleep. I woke up at 6am and took all my medications, including a zofran. Now that the day is wearing on, and I have had 60mg of Cymbalta in my system, I am feeling much more human. Still slightly dizzy, a tiny bit nauseous, and I have a headache, but I will take that over everything I had yesterday.

So take this story as a warning, and ask your doctor if any new medications he or she prescribes to you have side effects and or cessation effects. I wish I had know, maybe I wouldn't have had to suffer.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

In the hospital, but this time it's not for me.

On Monday I made the 7 hour drive to visit my friend B from PRC in Nebraska. I love coming out here because I get to spend time with B and it's really amazing having a friend that fully understands your limitations.

Monday was generally just relaxing, seeing as it was 6pm when I got there, and I drove almost non-stop. Tuesday was a beautiful day, 73 degrees and sunny with a breeze. We went to Misty's for lunch, Mondays and Tuesdays are half off any of their prime rib dishes, so I got an 8oz. slab of pure heaven. Afterwards we browsed through the haymarket area, got some ice cream, sat in the sun. It was a wonderful day. Wednesday is where the problems began. I woke up realizing we'd overdone things the day before. Becca was much worse than I was, extremely nauseated. By evening, it was apparent that the only thing that would fix it was a hospital admission for anti-nausea meds and fluids.

So that's where we are today. She was only supposed to be in overnight, but obviously things didn't go as planned. Please keep her in your thoughts, she could use 'em.

And if you find yourself in Nebraska, they are holding a fundraiser for B and her family on April 16th, info can be found here. Please pass this on to all your friends, they could use the money.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye, you obnoxious little brat.

Today I lost a dear, dear friend.

I received a call at 8:50am today. That time is burned into my mind. My friend Lori, whose house my horse is boarded at, was on the phone. She said that this morning, as they went to check on a horse of theirs, Diamond, who was in the process of dying, they'd found my horse pawing violently at the ground. She was colicking.

I told Lori I was going to finish up with chores at the place I was watching, as I was taking care of 4 horses, 2 dogs, and 8 or so cats, and then I would be out. Immediately after I got up, some unseen force urged me to skip chores and go, so I did.

I was not prepared for the sight that awaited me. As I got out of my car and walked into the yard, I noticed several things. First, my friend Lori, her daughter Ginger, who is also my friend, the vet, and the vet's assistant had all been crying. Second, I saw my sweet girl; She was trembling violently from head to hoof, breathing heavily, sweaty and caked with mud. There was a tube in her nose that went down into her stomach, which occasionally spewed gastric contents onto the ground. The vet's assistant was pressing a towel to my girl's nose, as it was bleeding.

After a talk with the vet, spending some time walking my girl around the yard, and talking with my parents, we decided the best thing was euthanasia. As the vet and her assistant prepared everything, Cocoa made her decision. She lay down on the ground, onto her side. Her breathing became ragged and her eyes closed. She was done fighting. The vet slid a catheter into her neck, and moments later, injected the solution that ended her suffering. They checked for a heartbeat once, twice. My dear friend was gone.

The vet's assistant pulled her forelock into a ponytail, and with a few snips of her shears, it was off, my last memento of a fallen friend. But it was only to get worse. The vet then moved on to getting Diamond ready for her her journey over the bridge. Diamond was sedated and brought into the yard, away from Cocoa to keep her from panicking. As my friends said their goodbyes, the vet helped Diamond on as well. And so it was that in the span of an hour, two sweet friends were gone, and three hearts were left broken.

And so may my obnoxious, bratty, naughty little pony rest in peace, her time with me too short.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's have a lighthearted post :)

These are the guinea pigs my roommate and I share, playing around in the bath. Feel free to repost at will :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Survived.

Surgery was complication free, and I was discharged soon after. 

That's right, I didn't have to stay overnight, no crazy crud to deal with. My nose is drippy and gross, and my throat hurts like nobody's business, but I'm alive. 

Thanks for all of the well wishes, they definitely helped :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Surgery Is On The Horizon

I will be having surgery next Friday, February 11th, to reduce the size of some fleshy bits in my nose that are causing chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches, and also to remove the tonsillar re-growth and my lingual tonsil tissue.

This is a surgery that is outpatient, but obviously there is the possibility of complications in my case, and those frequently happen. I'm just glad I can get this done and over with quickly.

I could use some well wishes, healing thoughts, and good vibes my way, if you can :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

TMI WARNING! My First Waxing Experience

Today I had an appointment to have my hair cut. I drove myself, and my family had appointments soon after. While I was getting my hair cut, my mother and siblings arrived. When I was finished, my mom asked me if I wanted my eyebrows waxed. I've never had waxing done before, but I decided to go for it, however, I wanted to try something a little more adventurous. I asked for the prices of a bikini wax and a brazilian, while my mom looked at me like I had three heads. Mom agreed to let me get a brazilian, but only if I got my eyebrows waxed, too.

My aesthetician was a lovely woman, very kind. She set me up for an eyebrow wax first. It really wasn't painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable. It took very little time, and then they were done. While she set up for the brazilian, I took the opportunity to pee, seeing as I wasn't going to be able to for at least a half hour, and I had downed a complimentary Coke during my haircut. The brazilian itself was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I'd seen videos on YouTube of women screaming during their first brazilian. I didn't scream, but of course that doesn't mean it didn't hurt. The middle patch is the worst, and my eyes started watering a bit with that one. It helps to do deep breathing, and to relax instead of tensing up when the strips are removed.

I lost track of time, and before I knew it, she was done, and I was given the go-ahead to clean up and get dressed. It was a very professional experience, and at no point was I uncomfortable with continuing. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd consider going back.

To think, my day isn't even over yet... xD

Costochondritis...Hurts Like Hell

That was today's diagnosis.

For the past week, it's felt like someone was trying to rip out my sternum. This morning, I went to reach for a med bottle and was basically rendered breathless by a sharp ouchie feeling in my chest. I said enough is enough, and made an appointment at the clinic (the sister clinic of my PCP's office in a neighboring city, and the only one that has weekend hours) and went in. Oddly enough, after I was checked in, someone said hello and my name. It turns out one of the nurses from my PCP's office was having her daughter seen for a sinus infection. Small world.

So I finally see the doc, and he actually knows about EDS and understands. He examined me, even brought in a nurse when he had to check my sternum! I was impressed. He told me what was up, and wrote everything down for me. I basically have to breathe deep, take pain meds so I can, and rest with heat or ice on my chest. I can do that. It's nice to have a solid answer.

And that's my day so far.

Friday, January 28, 2011

One Sick Puppy

I was going to make a post about my trip to the ENT on Monday, but unfortunately I've been dealing with a very sick dog all week, so I'll write about myself and the dog all at once.

Monday morning I had an appointment with the ENT about a fleshy lump in the back of my throat that was worrying me. However, the night before, my dog, Oscar, started acting out of character. He is a mini dachshund, and he was very quiet and still, which is not normal for that breed, really. He also screamed whenever I picked him up. Come morning, I drove him down to my vet and dropped him off, then headed to my appointment.

The ENT said the fleshy lump was most likely a re-growth of my tonsil tissue (I had my tonsils out years ago) and that it could be removed. After he finished examining me, he asked if I had any sinus issues. I've had sinus problems for a really long time, and so I told him yes. He asked if I suffered from sinus headaches, and again, I do. Then he asked me if it was worse on one side or the other, and I told him the left side bothered me a lot. Well, it turns out I have a deviated septum (common in EDS patients) that is pressing on one of my nasal turbinates and causing inflammation and other issues. He suggested I get a sinus CT and possibly surgery if it's fixable.

I am excited, not for another surgery, but for the fact that, maybe, I'll have fewer sinus headaches and infections! He said he could remove the tonsillar re-growth and possibly remove a couple of my lingual tonsils at the same time. I meet with him again on Monday to review my CT (I had it the same day) and talk options.

As for Oscar, he was exhibiting very bad symptoms for a dog. Extremely bloated and taut abdomen, hyper-salivation, pain, and lethargy. First the vet checked for GDV (aka bloat, and fatal if not remedied quickly) and that was negative. Then he had a barium series to check for an obstruction, which was also negative. So the vet basically said it was some mysterious gastrointestinal upset that he had no clue what it was, and prescribed Omeprazole and Mirtazapine, plus special easily digestible food.

Because Oscar has been sick and my family is refusing to do special feeding and give him medication, I've been staying at my family's house since last Friday, when I came home for the weekend and my Monday appointment. I'm really hoping he starts getting better soon, because I'd like to go back to my apartment.

Hope you all are having a better week!

P.S. My insurance dropped me, so I've been living without my Lyrica, which is not cool. They're supposed to re-add me since the law changed, but it's going to take a few weeks :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Request For Prayers And Healing Thoughts For A Friend

Last night, my friend that I visited just a couple weeks ago posted that she was having a difficult night. She said she just felt "wrong" and was weak, tired, barely able to move, having trouble breathing, and in pain. She said there was nothing going on that her doctors could do anything about. 

Now, since pain rehab, and especially since I visited, I have felt extremely lucky to have her as a friend. I consider her and her mom part of my family, and they treated me as part of theirs. She is an inspiration, and even as ill as she is, she always tries to encourage others to keep going. So please, keep her in your thoughts and prayers, because it would be devastating for the world to lose such a wonderful young woman. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, First Week of 2011 Edition

The Good:
I left for Nebraska on New Year's Day, drove ALMOST 7 straight hours, with an hour nap at a rest stop in between. I made it safely, and was so happy to see my friend. I was only supposed to stay for two days, but I ended up staying for five. We went to various places, and she introduced me to new food, like Phở, a Vietnamese noodle soup. I even helped her treat an abscess in one of her rats. All in all, it was a great time, and I made the 7 hour trip home in one go, and got back safely.

The Bad:
When I got home, my legs were super stiff, and I was exhausted from all of the driving. I also discovered I had an abscess of my own (unrelated to me treating her rat). I also received a call today from my apartment's management company, saying I hadn't paid rent (totally forgot) and then they threatened eviction. I paid the bill online almost immediately. This was absolutely nothing, though, compared to...

The Ugly:
My first day back, I got a letter from my school. I knew it was coming, but it still hurt like nothing else. I received a one year academic suspension, effective immediately. This is because, for more than one semester, my GPA has been below 2.0. Now, I do realize that part of this is my fault, but some of it can be attributed to my health and also to some shady stuff in one of my classes, and a worthless instructor in the other. The letter stated that I could file a petition for reinstatement, but with my record, it's probably about a 10% chance they'll reinstate me. I am devastated, I have been giving it my all this year. I finished filling out the petition today, and will have to drive up and turn in it by the 12th.

All that said, I am looking forward to try #3 at having a 22nd birthday party for myself, which is going to be this Saturday. I'm hoping for good weather, and NOT another blizzard! 

Hope you are all well, Happy New Year, and I wish you guys the best!