Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check out the giveaway I'm holding on my nail polish blog!

So I have another blog where I review indie nail polish, and I am currently hosting a giveaway. So if you're like me and you love doing your nails, click the picture to be taken to the blog where you can enter for your chance to win. Share this giveaway with friends and family, I want to see this spread far and wide!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: OnePiece jumpsuits, the must-have article of clothing!

Some of you may have seen the OnePiece jumpsuits before. They are quite popular with celebrities. I learned about them myself from the celebrity gossip blog I read. When I saw them, I knew I wanted to get one, and I knew that I needed to share the information with my fellow zebras.

The OnePiece was created in Norway, and is basically the love child of a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. Roomy, with a zipper that goes from the crotch to the top of the hood, so you can cover yourself completely if you'd like. If you're like me and live in a climate that is three parts winter to one part sweltering hot, you'll see the appeal. If you're also a zebra with joint pain, you can also understand the wonder of this garment.

I sent the company a blog sponsorship request, and told them why I have this blog, what EDS is, and what it's about. I was denied, but they offered to send me one as a gift, as the lovely digital marketing director admired my story and courage. I was touched, it was a very sweet gesture. I was given four choices, all the same design but different colours. I chose this one, and it was sent out to me soon after.

When it got here, I was so excited, I put it on right away. It was comfortable, made of lightweight 100% cotton. There were two zipper pulls, fabric, and large enough that anyone could pull them. The zipper is two-way, so you can pull one slide up, and then unzip that by pulling the second slide up after it. The jumpsuit also has two huge zippered pockets. I can fit several pill bottles, large and small, in each, which is useful if you have meds that need carting around like I do. Overall the jumpsuit is nice and cozy. You can wear it over clothing or with nothing but your skivvies underneath.

My favourite thing about the jumpsuit is that it's basically made for ease of use. Large zipper pulls, baggy, roomy pockets. It kept my achy joints warm and less achy with as cold as it's been here. Honestly, if you're looking for something comfortable to lounge around the house in, this is it! To wash, zip it up, throw it in the wash under a delicate or hand-wash cycle, then hang to dry. Or just wash according to the instructions.

I happened to get a second OnePiece jumpsuit, a Christmas gift from my family that was a pre-order and didn't get here until April 1st, but it's snowy again, so it's been useful as well! This one is from the Hands By One Direction collection. Yep, at 24, I'm a 1D fan! Anyways, a huge thanks to OnePiece for the gift, I absolutely love it and will be living in it as much as possible!