Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Up?

So I figured I'd post a little update for now until I can get some real content added. Recently I've been just overall run down, so not feeling too great. So here's some stuff that is going on in my life:

-I have to make an appointment for yet another sleep study
-I was once again denied SSI
-I've been tired constantly
-I adopted a second dog

and last but not least, some big news! In the coming months, I will be moving. Literally dropping everything and starting over in not only a new city, but a whole new state. I will be moving across the country to the East Coast, leaving all of my friends and family behind. I will be moving into a house with a friend of mine. She and her boyfriend will literally be the only people I know there. It's a big deal, this is the first time in my life I will be somewhere where I can't just drive to my parents' house if I need to. My family has also told me that if this falls through, I am entirely on my own, and they will not be helping me. There has been a lot of fighting and love lost between my mother and I recently. It truly feels like she doesn't love me like she loves my siblings, and that my being disabled is a burden to her. She's actually told me to do things around the house she knows I can't do, and that I'm not doing enough, when physically I can't! She should know better than anyone, but instead she's just as bad as the people who tell me I shouldn't park in handicapped spaces because I don't look disabled. It hurts. I've told my family that I will not be returning, or visiting. If they are going to treat me like I don't belong, then I'm done with them. I look forward to taking my dogs, my cats, and my things and moving forward with my life. I deserve to be happy, so I'm making a change. I will update again soon with a few interesting topics, including a post about my new corset!

Until then,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Another day, another diagnosis.

Over the last few months, I've had an amalgam of odd symptoms I've been trying to ignore. Bad idea, I know, but I really did not want to go back to the doctor. On top of everything, I had been helping a friend after the death of his parter, and that meant a lot of watching his two gorgeous little girls while he went to work. I went from doing almost nothing, to taking care of a two year old and a 6 month old for up to 8 1/2 hours a day. Though I did things in a modified way to make it easier on me, it still was exhausting, but so worth it. Those little girls made me feel like for once I had a purpose in life, it was awesome. I've never been big on kids, I'm not fond of them at all, but these girls changed all that. When the two year old would come curl up on the couch to watch Netflix with me, or the baby would fall asleep in my arms, it was a feeling like none other, and I'm glad I could help out when it was needed most. I refused to accept anything in return for watching them, because friends help out when they're needed.

Anyways, to get to the point, I started feeling extremely run down. I thought it was just due to not being used to that kind of activity level. Then my side pain started flaring up again, so I decided to go in to see my doctor. After explaining my symptoms and an exam, things got a bit dramatic. Turns out that my radial pulse was registering as much slower than my actual pulse. I had my pulse measured both ways, three times. After that I got to have the following:

-5 tubes of blood drawn
-A Holter monitor for 24 hours

I came back after the 24 hours to have the monitor taken off. Then last Friday I went back to go over test results.
-Low hemoglobin and hematocrit
-High Lymphocytes and ESR
Everything else was normal. So off to the lab for another blood draw, this time to do a peripheral smear.
Those results came with the fun diagnosis of normocytic anemia, which normally occurs in people 85 and over. Yay, my life.

So now I get to go back in to have more blood drawn (vampires, I tell ya!) to check my iron levels. I'm just so exhausted, no energy at all! I want to find out what's up so it can start being treated, I hate being this tired.

In other news, I'm trying to find a way to be able to see One Direction on Thursday. I have a major love of boybands, and it's my goal to see all of my favourites. So far I've seen The Wanted and Big Time Rush, but have yet to see One Direction or Union J. A lot of my friends make fun of me for my boyband love, but I've been into music basically since I was born. I was practically raised by musicians. I just happen to have a soft spot for singers, because up until a post-tonsillectomy infection in middle school, I sang all the time. I did choir concerts, solos, and performed with a singing group. I love voice as an instrument, hence my love of boybands. One Direction is one of my favourites, I watched the X Factor UK season 7, which is where 1D were formed, and I loved the boys' individual auditions (Liam's was especially gripping), as well as their first performance as a group. They've come so far, and I'd love to see them up close. I'd kill to meet them. We'll see if I can even manage to find someone with a ticket that is a. floor, so I don't have a ton of steps to climb, and b. willing to give me a deal, because I am so broke I actually have a negative income.

Anyways, I hope my fellow zebras are doing well, and I hope to actually manage to get back to regular blogging soon!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check out the giveaway I'm holding on my nail polish blog!

So I have another blog where I review indie nail polish, and I am currently hosting a giveaway. So if you're like me and you love doing your nails, click the picture to be taken to the blog where you can enter for your chance to win. Share this giveaway with friends and family, I want to see this spread far and wide!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: OnePiece jumpsuits, the must-have article of clothing!

Some of you may have seen the OnePiece jumpsuits before. They are quite popular with celebrities. I learned about them myself from the celebrity gossip blog I read. When I saw them, I knew I wanted to get one, and I knew that I needed to share the information with my fellow zebras.

The OnePiece was created in Norway, and is basically the love child of a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. Roomy, with a zipper that goes from the crotch to the top of the hood, so you can cover yourself completely if you'd like. If you're like me and live in a climate that is three parts winter to one part sweltering hot, you'll see the appeal. If you're also a zebra with joint pain, you can also understand the wonder of this garment.

I sent the company a blog sponsorship request, and told them why I have this blog, what EDS is, and what it's about. I was denied, but they offered to send me one as a gift, as the lovely digital marketing director admired my story and courage. I was touched, it was a very sweet gesture. I was given four choices, all the same design but different colours. I chose this one, and it was sent out to me soon after.

When it got here, I was so excited, I put it on right away. It was comfortable, made of lightweight 100% cotton. There were two zipper pulls, fabric, and large enough that anyone could pull them. The zipper is two-way, so you can pull one slide up, and then unzip that by pulling the second slide up after it. The jumpsuit also has two huge zippered pockets. I can fit several pill bottles, large and small, in each, which is useful if you have meds that need carting around like I do. Overall the jumpsuit is nice and cozy. You can wear it over clothing or with nothing but your skivvies underneath.

My favourite thing about the jumpsuit is that it's basically made for ease of use. Large zipper pulls, baggy, roomy pockets. It kept my achy joints warm and less achy with as cold as it's been here. Honestly, if you're looking for something comfortable to lounge around the house in, this is it! To wash, zip it up, throw it in the wash under a delicate or hand-wash cycle, then hang to dry. Or just wash according to the instructions.

I happened to get a second OnePiece jumpsuit, a Christmas gift from my family that was a pre-order and didn't get here until April 1st, but it's snowy again, so it's been useful as well! This one is from the Hands By One Direction collection. Yep, at 24, I'm a 1D fan! Anyways, a huge thanks to OnePiece for the gift, I absolutely love it and will be living in it as much as possible!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Long overdue! So, what's in store for 2013?

Hey guys!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season! I ended up dealing with a few health hiccups over the holidays, here's an overview:
Dec. 23rd - Found a lump in my right breast. We have a huge family history of breast cancer. I panic.
Dec. 24th - Went to my GP, she said she didn't think it was cancer, but one of the symptoms other than the lump, raised a red flag. She said I could possibly have a brain tumor. Scheduling person was out of office, had to wait until the 26th to schedule an MRI and a breast ultrasound.

The ultrasound came back clean, no cancer. The MRI, on the other hand, showed a "fullness" in my pituitary. I have to see an endocrinologist, because I probably have a microadenoma. Lovely.

Fast forward to 10 days ago. I was walking down the stairs to go outside and get the mail, when Codi, my mum's Dachshund, got underfoot. I managed to miss the last two steps and land full weight on my left foot, and my ankle rolled. I felt things snap. My ankle immediately began to swell and I was in terrible pain. I called my stepdad to take me to hospital, but he was busy picking up my siblings, so I had to drive myself! At the ED, I was seen by a doc who thinks I'm a drug seeker. They only gave me Percocet and Vistaril, which barely took the edge off. After x-rays, a questionable visual exam, and medication, they discharged me with nothing more than a bag of ice.

I spent the weekend in agony, walking on my horribly mangled foot/ankle. On Monday morning I saw my GP and told her of my miserable hospital treatment, and she pulled up the records from my ED trip. Turns out I was supposed to be discharged in a splint and on crutches! I agreed to the splint, but since I'd been walking on it, I said to hell with the crutches. Over the rest of the week, the bruising began to fade, but the swelling persisted. Finally, this morning my mum called every orthopaedist she could find, to try and get someone to see me. She found one, and I went to my appointment right after she picked up my x-rays from the hospital. Turns out that the splint my GP had given me was insufficient in stabilizing my ankle. I am now stuck in a fancy Aircast until they tell me I can take it off. Joy. I will post an update soon with pictures of the evolution of my ankle, from right after the injury to whatever day I post.

As for why I was MIA for almost 8 months: 
Basically, I was used by a money grubbing idiot to scam an insurance company.
I got into a car accident in July of 2010. Some woman tried to beat a red light, I happened to be making a left turn, cars collided. About a year and a half later, someone shows up at our door and serves my mum and I a summons. The woman who hit me was suing us for $75,000. Because of this, I had to make my Facebook private, keep my Twitter posts vague, and shut down my blog. It sucked, I wanted to vent about this horrible woman and what she was doing to me and my family, but I had to keep quiet. She claimed she was disabled now, was owed emotional damages and back pay, etc. When we asked for her medical records, it showed she had a TON of pre-existing conditions. She had ignored the doctor's suggestion of PT and went to a chiropractor instead. She was on hardcore narcotics, like Fentanyl and Suboxone PRIOR to the accident! I was livid, she was making up lies! My theory is that she saw the new car (a gift for graduating high school from my parents) and that I was young (22 at the time of the accident) and saw easy money.

In November, the woman agreed to settle. She got $12,500. The law failed me. As for her inability to work and permanent disability? She now works in a coffee shop, which requires standing all day, and she attended/worked the 2012 Renaissance Festival. Basically, she flat out lied...And they paid her for it. Honestly, I'm just glad it's over. I want to forget.

New things in store for Falling Apart At The Seams this year:

  • Product reviews! I'm going to try to find companies with useful products for those of us with limitations.
  •  Giveaways! I'll be trying to get companies to donate products for me to give away. All will be geared towards disability, comfort, and assistance items.

So, in the famous words of Porky Pig; "Th-Th-Th- That's All Folks!"