Monday, September 12, 2011


First off, to those of you sent here via Twitter, either from Neil Gaiman's feed or someone else's, welcome!

Now, I've gotten some questions about my previous post, and I will answer the most common ones here.

Q: Why didn't you file a police report?

A: First off, I didn't discover that my games had been stolen until several weeks later, as I had decided I was going to take a break from playing my DS for a while. Second, we are under Sheriff's department jurisdiction, and they're not so nice about small thefts like this, unfortunately.

Q: Why not just use an emulator?
A: Because I like having physical copies of the game. My DS is portable, easier to use, and made for these games. I don't want to have to use a computer to play it.

Q: Why not just buy new copies of the games and use Action Replay to get your stuff back?
A: I don't really have the cash to buy $150+ worth of games again, and using Action Replay is not only cheating, it can also damage the games, as it is not a liscenced Nintendo product. I got the games originally for the challenge and fun of working towards the goals in them, I'm not going to cheat just to catch up.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

STOLEN! A Disturbing Trend Hits The Disabled Community.

It started with a story.

Specifically, this story about a disabled McDonalds employee who was duped, and had $5000 worth of his Superman collection stolen. In a follow-up piece today, it was reported that comic fans all over the world were outraged, and had taken it upon themselves to collect rare pieces and autographs to give to Mike Meyer to boost his collection once more, what a sweet thing!

But it also reminded me of a theft that happened to myself at the beginning of the summer.

Now, i'm sure many of you have heard of Pokemon, an extremely popular game from Japan. They have cards, video games, cartoons, and collectables. From the time they came to the US, I have loved the Pokemon games from Nintendo. Your goal is to collect and train Pokemon, eventually hoping to collect them all. I have been playing my games for years, working hard to catch and trade pokemon, and attending events to get pokemon you can't find in the game. I play these games as relaxation when i'm having bad pain days, I've played them in the hospital and in bed after surgeries. I have put about 4-5 years and hundreds of hours of effort into these games.

This summer, they were all stolen from me.

The probable culprit? A well regarded nanny my parents had hired to watch my siblings. Though she came with great references, because I was home during the day, I could see how she treated my siblings. She called them brats, told them to shut up. She ate all of our food and then complained there was nothing to feed the kids, when we had two fridges and four freezers that were full. She gave my mom a list of food she wanted her to get for lunches, nothing but chicken nuggets, pizza, and juice boxes. She would take my siblings to the river and then sit on the other side of the path, reading a book, not even able to see the children. After telling my mom this, and she discovering things around the house that had been destroyed, the nanny was fired after less than a month.

Unfortunately, the theft of my games was not discovered for another few weeks. Why? Because after she'd stolen my games, some of which were gifts while I was in the hospital, by the way, she put my game case back in the exact position it had been it. As I had decided to take a break from my DS for a while, I didn't immediately notice.

So what all did she take?
6 games; Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon SoulSilver, Pokemon Black, Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
4-5 years of work
Hundreds of hours of my time
Event-only pokemon, that you can no longer get, including:
Shiny Suicune
Shiny Raikou
Shiny Entei
Spiky Pichu
Pikachu Colored Pichu

And the rare items Oak's Letter, Liberty Pass, Member Card, Secret Key, and made me miss out on the Enigma Stone.

I went to the local GameStop to see if she'd sold them, but the told me they couldn't let me see the games without a police report, store policy. I would later learn this was a lie.

I was and still am devastated by this. As someone who has trouble doing many things, these were what I was good at. Several of those games were gifts, some I'd purchased myself, but they all had meaning, and I will probably never see them again. It hurts to already have a disability, and then have someone take advantage of you because of it.

Unfortunately, there are people willing to take advantage of the less fortunate among us all the time, so beware!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Chair

Today the wheelchair guy came to my house to talk chairs, options, and so on. I decided a TiLite is going to be best for me, and after going over my conditions, so did wheelchair guy. We talked conditions, what I'd need to get my pre-auth, and chair options. He took measurements of me and our doorways.

Honestly, the thought of being in a wheelchair freaks me out, but I sort have come to terms with it.
We'll see.