Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eff Being The Sick Girl

That was my motto today.
I managed to get out of bed and actually do something productive.
Made two calls; one to sort out paying back grant money to school, the second to set up the lovely urology procedure I need because of an evil nurse who apparently hated her job. I could've had it fixed in-office, but I prefer anything that might raise the pain level to be done under sedation/anesthesia. And finally, to top things off, I biked for 3.6 miles.
Take that, EDS!

...and then I slipped and hurt myself trying to get into my (brother's) lofted bed. I should really ask my mom again why the able bodied kid gets to sleep closer to the floor. Then again, when you're 22 and living at home, it's not a choice they give you (I don't even have my own room, haven't since I was about 15-16. Meh.)

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