Friday, January 28, 2011

One Sick Puppy

I was going to make a post about my trip to the ENT on Monday, but unfortunately I've been dealing with a very sick dog all week, so I'll write about myself and the dog all at once.

Monday morning I had an appointment with the ENT about a fleshy lump in the back of my throat that was worrying me. However, the night before, my dog, Oscar, started acting out of character. He is a mini dachshund, and he was very quiet and still, which is not normal for that breed, really. He also screamed whenever I picked him up. Come morning, I drove him down to my vet and dropped him off, then headed to my appointment.

The ENT said the fleshy lump was most likely a re-growth of my tonsil tissue (I had my tonsils out years ago) and that it could be removed. After he finished examining me, he asked if I had any sinus issues. I've had sinus problems for a really long time, and so I told him yes. He asked if I suffered from sinus headaches, and again, I do. Then he asked me if it was worse on one side or the other, and I told him the left side bothered me a lot. Well, it turns out I have a deviated septum (common in EDS patients) that is pressing on one of my nasal turbinates and causing inflammation and other issues. He suggested I get a sinus CT and possibly surgery if it's fixable.

I am excited, not for another surgery, but for the fact that, maybe, I'll have fewer sinus headaches and infections! He said he could remove the tonsillar re-growth and possibly remove a couple of my lingual tonsils at the same time. I meet with him again on Monday to review my CT (I had it the same day) and talk options.

As for Oscar, he was exhibiting very bad symptoms for a dog. Extremely bloated and taut abdomen, hyper-salivation, pain, and lethargy. First the vet checked for GDV (aka bloat, and fatal if not remedied quickly) and that was negative. Then he had a barium series to check for an obstruction, which was also negative. So the vet basically said it was some mysterious gastrointestinal upset that he had no clue what it was, and prescribed Omeprazole and Mirtazapine, plus special easily digestible food.

Because Oscar has been sick and my family is refusing to do special feeding and give him medication, I've been staying at my family's house since last Friday, when I came home for the weekend and my Monday appointment. I'm really hoping he starts getting better soon, because I'd like to go back to my apartment.

Hope you all are having a better week!

P.S. My insurance dropped me, so I've been living without my Lyrica, which is not cool. They're supposed to re-add me since the law changed, but it's going to take a few weeks :(

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