Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Surgery Is On The Horizon

I will be having surgery next Friday, February 11th, to reduce the size of some fleshy bits in my nose that are causing chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches, and also to remove the tonsillar re-growth and my lingual tonsil tissue.

This is a surgery that is outpatient, but obviously there is the possibility of complications in my case, and those frequently happen. I'm just glad I can get this done and over with quickly.

I could use some well wishes, healing thoughts, and good vibes my way, if you can :)


  1. Absolutely! Well wishes and good thoughts coming your way!

  2. You will be in my thoughts! I hope that everything goes off without a hitch, and that your healing time is quick :-)

  3. Hello you will be in my thoughts also all the way from the UK. I know it may sound facile but I will light a candle to remind me to think of you on the Friday; I hope this helps you through the procedure. Good wishes and good healing.

    Here is a link to an irish lady with EDS who has extensive surgery obviously she has had a torrid time and rest assured I am sure you will not have the same problems as her but I am sure she wouldn't mind you contacting her should you have any post operative concerns. I think her mail address is on her profile. She hasn't blogged for a month now for personal reasons but I am sure she would reply if you needed to have post op information. Hopefully and I will keep my bendy fingers crossed all will be fine.

    Good luck and do let us know how the procedure goes. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Thank you all, I'm humbled by your kindness :)