Friday, March 23, 2012

Chasing Ghosts

I have spent the past three days chasing ghosts.
On Tuesday I went in to the doctor, because the pain in my feet was getting really bad, and the bruising and swelling was freaking me out. The original options for diagnosis were: swelling related to my old surgery sites or vascular insufficiency. The doc took xrays just in case.

Later that day I get an alarmed call from the doc saying the radiologist found stress fractures in my feet. Their scheduler was out of office for the day, so I had to wait until Wednesday to call back and schedule an MRI.

I had the MRI yesterday, and today the results came in. Turns out the original radiologist confused my old surgical sites for fractures on the films. MRI cleared that up and also pointed out the reason for the pain/bruising/swelling. Turns out I have a really severe case of tendinitis/tendinosis.

Just my luck.

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  1. Be careful with stress fractures, Jess. I had several "hidden" stress fractures that I used to dismiss as severe muscle/joint pain until my GP in London, UK (bless his heart) had a hunch that it might be fractures masked by joint pains.

    Was in an aircast for 3 months, crutches for 3 more before it resolved. Now I'm back running (gently)