Thursday, November 3, 2011

The House of Broken Bones + Update

That's what it's been around here recently, and it has me fearing for my bones!

On Tuesday my little brother and some of his friends built a catapult at school and were launching gourds. My little brother happened to be looking at the launcher when someone jumped on it, launching a gourd into his face. After some discussion, my mom and sister stayed home while my dad and I went to the ER with my brother. After pushing for an xray, it showed my brother's nose was broken. He's probably going to have an appointment with the ENT soon.

Meanwhile, my mom has had back problems for years. She finally made an appointment with a spine specialist and had her appointment today. Turns out she's had a broken back for years. She'll need surgery soon. So obviously I'm a little worried about who's next!

As for me, I took a pole dancing class yesterday and I have pole burn, bruises, and so many pulled muscles today.

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