Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve...And A String of Bad Luck

It's Christmas Eve, and is the general deal for holidays with my family, the bad luck has begun.

It started with the stranding of my little brother's most wanted gift. He loves legos, and my mom had ordered him a Lego Harry Potter set, #4840, The Burrow (The Weasley's Home). That gift has been in Newark, NJ for three days, even though my mom had 2 day shipping. My little brother is devastated.

My bad luck started this afternoon. I was walking back to my parents' bedroom to check on my brother and sister, who are watching a Star Wars marathon, and I stepped wrong, dislocating my big toe. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but the pain was so much more intense than usual. I currently have a lidocaine patch wrapped around it, covered in gauze and taped on, and an ice pack over top.

Then, as I was making lunch, I dropped a plate, that shattered all over the floor. As I was cleaning the mess up, I got glass slivers in my feet.

I hope Christmas is better!


  1. Here are wishes for a better Christmas than today. Take care and Happy Christmas!

  2. I know the feeling... bad luck seems to follow me around on Holidays too (or any time of year, for that matter)! Tuesday I was in a mad rush running around town to get stuff done, and managed to first lock my keys in the car, then get a flat tire!

    Here's hoping things smooth out a bit for us these last few days of the year!