Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mayo Clinic Pain Rehab Center 3 week program, Unofficial Day 3, Official First Day

Day 1: Evaluation
Day 2: More eval, then testing the waters by going to group.
-Weekend spent at home-
Day 3 (Official Day 1): Day starts with team meeting. We set our goals for the day. After only 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before, my goal for the day was to stay awake. Follow meeting by morning stretching. OT afterwards. At 10am I had my Biofeedback appointment, it went well. 11am was group again, the topic was okay. Lunch was at 12, had a pretty good time just sitting around talking with everyone. After lunch was group 2. After group 2 was group therapy. Last event of the day was hearing from some program graduates.

Honestly, so far, my favorite part of this program is being completely understood. Not having to explain everything. Being in a room full of people who know what I'm going through.

Still recovering from my crash, not 100%, but getting there.
Thank you all for your well wishes and support!

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