Friday, May 14, 2010

Results, storms, and the possibility of warmth.

So I went to the doc on Tuesday. The test results were as follows:
-Cholesterol is still high (307 total, Triglycerides 209, LDL 166, HDL 99)
-Vitamin D is still low despite 400IU/day supplementation. Upped to 800IU/day.
-Blood inflammation levels above normal but not high enough to be worrisome.
-Holter was inconclusive.
-MRI results aren't back yet (MRI was Wednesday)

So that was my Tuesday/Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night we had our first Thunderstorm of the season, and I was in a world of pain. I haven't slept more than 5 hours out of the last 36. As for the possibility of warmth, I may be going to Nevada to visit some family friends for a week or so. I love NV because it can be 105 degrees and be perfectly comfortable, because unlike the weather here, the heat there is dry. Last time I was in Nevada I felt amazing and had energy to spare. Hoping I get to go!

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  1. Hope you get to go too and that you're feeling better soon. About the vitamin D? I was way low 6 months ago. Doc prescribed the 50000 (yep 50K) units per week pill. Problem is that the prescription is D2 and doesn't do any good (I did a lot of research on that). D3 is what we need if we're low. I was around 11 and it's supposed to be no less than 50.

    So I bought a huge bottle at Costco of D2 in 1000 units. For the first three months, I took 8000 units a day for a total of 56K a week. I like being able to spread out the huge amount of D over 7 days instead of just once a week.

    In three months, my D levels were normal. Doc said to keep taking at least 4000 units per day.

    My suggestion is that 800 units per day is not nearly enough. My husband starting taking 2000 a day back when I was taking 8000 a day. He had blood work done for another reason about a month ago and asked for a D level test just out of curiosity. He was low. Not as much as I was but still low. He is now also taking 8000IU per day.

    I get another blood test done in about 3-4 weeks and we'll see if my levels stayed good. If not, I'll up the dose again. One cannot overdose on Vitamin D and it's so important to keep those D levels at the right place. Low Vit D can cause all kinds of problems.

    Just a tip that I hope helps.